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GLOBE and Stab Magazine are happy to launch a new board short called The KULAMA BOARDIE. Inspired by the Australian Aboriginal heritage shown on Dion Agius. Clean, luxurious, and comfortable. If you like this video head over to and Vote for this video to win.

2. Stab In The Dark

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Stab In The Dark

"The ultimate surfboard gives you feedback. The moment you stand on them you know. It tells you how it wants to be ridden." - Julian Wilson. 11 of the world's best shapers created their ultimate high-performance surfboard, for a mysto world tour surfer (6'0/80kg). The surfer judged the cleanskin boards on their merit, not a preconceived idea of brand or model. Directed by: Sam McIntosh Producer: Damien Fahrenfort Art direction by: Shinya Dalby Filmed by: Toby Cregan Jimmy Lees Rick Jackovic (water footage) Edited by: Mike Pagan Still photography: Ryan Miller Chris Gurney Andy Staley Music: "Daydreaming EP Teaser" Written and performed by Andras Fox “Sacred Oblivion” Written and performed by Jesse Hackett Courtesy of Circle Star Records “Touching Closer Than Touching” Performed by Paula Written by David Carriere Courtesy of Arbutus Records By arrangement with Riptide Music Group "Irony" Performed by Jef Barbara Written by R. Stevie Moore "Beat1" "Getting Late" Nuck Fames Special thank you: Hurley SurfStitch SurfDome Swell Pat Towersy Evan Slater Martin Corr Jess Tye Theo Kirkham-Lewitt Holly McLennan Paul McNeil Taj Burrow

3. Stab Magazine Cover-Shoot

Stab Magazine Cover-Shoot

A behind the scenes look at a cover-shoot that I did for STAB Magazine’s special hard book issue, shot by Tyler William Parkerin Venice, California.

4. Stab in the Dark 2017

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39 seconds of HOT SEXY FEMMES let it load, set that HD goodness to fullscreen, and pump up da volume! ++FEATURING THE CHITA CHACHA CATS & MORE ++ ROSIE played by TAYLOR FREY JO played by KAITLIN MAGOWAN VARLA played by ANNAKATE CHAPPELL BIRDIE played by DIANA IRVINE with appearances by... SAMI SEYAN, DEACON FREY, ZOE LAMBERT, & CHRIS YATES written, directed, shot, & edited by RYLEE JEAN EBSEN plus de la photo & production assistance by BEHR GRAMIAN & DUSTIN EBSEN on set sound by SALLY PARK hair & makeup by ANJANETTE CARON production photos by SEMANTHA NORRIS music supervision by ELODIE TACNET

6. Sahara Ray for Stab Magazine

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Sahara Ray for Stab Magazine

Wearing Noe Undergaments at the Standard DTLA

7. Return of the ultra-vixen by Stab

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8. Billabong x Stab Surf Trunks

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9. The 2013 Stab Awards

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The 2013 Stab Awards

The Stab Awards are all about who made the right noise in 2013. We awarded the not-so-usual suspects, but the guys and gals who embody the Stab ethos. Shot and cut by Jay Grant.

10. The Pipeline – a pilot for Stab

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The Pipeline – a pilot for Stab

Above is a pilot that journalist Jed Smith made for Stab. Jedaum proposes a weekly instalment of 'The Pipeline', which aims to be a low-fi take on all the surf happenings that matter. Would you watch? Do you dig? As is the beauty of pilots, the decision lies with the viewer ratings. So, hand 'em over.

11. Evie-Sabre party - Stab

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12. 0000 Globe test -Stab

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13. The Stab Caddy: Craig Ando’s Red Apache Single Fin, by Hayden Cox

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The Stab Caddy: Craig Ando’s Red Apache Single Fin, by Hayden Cox

Craig Anderson's throwback arrow for knifing thick juice. Read all about it here:

14. STAB X O'Neill present Jordy Smith's movie NOW NOW

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STAB X O'Neill present Jordy Smith's movie NOW NOW

Jordy Smith's latest film “NOW NOW” is unadulterated surf porn. It's less about the editors artistic impression, and all about what one of the most relevant surfers in the world is doing between dawn and dusk. Jordy Smith stormed onto the World Tour in 2008 with no apologies and no prisoners. Since first pulling on a 'Smith' jersey, he's brought home victories (J-Bay), accomplished personal goals (winning outside South Africa, in Rio), clocked 10s (everywhere) and shown us all how endearing the transition from cocky benchwarmer to graceful batsman can really be. Watching all 6'3" of him hospitalise a beachbreak end section or man-handle a Cloudbreak freight train with equal panache will steal your breath. But Jordy doesn't just dance for the judges – 2013's been a year in which he has shocked with freesurf clips, it was only a matter of time 'til we would be gifted a digital extended play. Welcome to NOW NOW, a collage of moments tagged and bagged during the first six months of this year. Filmed in Mozambique, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia, one simple mantra has kept Jordy's batteries charged and allowed us the pleasure of NOW NOW: "I just want to go surf. That's what I want to do." Jordy commented, "This movie kinda just happened, I wasn't really expecting to drop another movie so soon after Bending Colours, then I did a few trips down to Mozambique to test boards and get dialed for Snapper and scored some epic waves." "I love Durban, its probably the best place in the world to get clips. The waves are so consistent and super hollow and rampy. I'd seen a few of the young Brazilian kids sticking backflips which got me amped. I ended up sticking two big ones in Ballito, that's when I realised that we were sitting on some sick footage & had to make this movie" On sale Friday 13th September 2013 on iTunes

15. Stab Presents: No time for island time

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Stab Presents: No time for island time

Starring Bryce Young, Gabriel Medina, Gabe Garcia, Sebastian Zietz, Koa Smith, Billy Kemper, Matt Pagan, Joe Van Dijk, Torrey Meister, Josh Moniz, Oliver Kurtz, Brett Barley, Isaiah Moniz and Bruce Irons.

16. Billabong XXL wipeouts - Stab

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17. AFENDS x Stab Mag Trunks

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AFENDS x Stab Mag Trunks

These AFENDS trunks were dreamed by man, created by hand in Byron Bay, Australia. VOTE: Film and Edit: Toby Cregan

18. Stab Summer Sinner Hero

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