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1. The Goat Sprints

The Goat Sprints

666 meter roller race.

2. Tomas Boon Raw Run - 2 Raw 4u

  • Published: 2015-05-25T04:47:28+00:00
  • Duration: 53
  • By Tomas Boon
Tomas Boon Raw Run - 2 Raw 4u

First run down a chill little local we just discovered on the GET YOUR GOAT Baphomet Rider: Tomas Boon Setup: GYG Baphomet, Ronin 174mm 40/40, Premier Sprints Song: DDT - Jurassic 5

3. An "Olympic nations of the world" goat sprint!


On Saturday the 15th of September I found myself in the middle of the inaugural Goat Expo and Race day in Barcaldine. I say "the middle" because half way through the day I found myself saddled up, on a mini "chariot" made out of mesh, steel and bicycle wheels, behind a goat. I was in the "Olympic Nations of the World Sprint". The two positions up for grabs were South Africa and Scotland. Seeing as though I have a South African heritage, I took up the green jersey! My advice was "say YA a lot" and "if you need to, pinch the goat's bum". For those of you who have never seen a goat race, this point of view GoPro footage (attached to my chest), takes you through the motions - from the prep stage to the "GO"! I was lucky enough to have thunder ghost ride me to victory, with only a few "YAS!"